Blood of a Poet 

Le sang d'un poète

Jean Cocteau


He was also a poet, novelist, playwright, and painter, and all of those disciplines are reflected in his films. 

Each of these works is a visually innovative exploration of art, sex, love, and death—mementos of one of cinema’s most richly creative minds.

Cocteau began 1932’s Blood of a Poet with a title card that reads almost like a battle cry:

"Every poem is a coat of arms.
It must be deciphered."

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Cocteau grew up in the years of refined artistic taste that were devoid of political turmoil.

Blood of a Poet often plays more like a dance than story. It asically about the struggle to create, both art and oneself.

One of cinema’s great experiments, this first installment of the Orphic Trilogy stretches the medium to its limits in an effort to capture the poet’s obsession with the struggle between the forces of life and death. 

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